How a completely exhausted professional woman can boost her energy in 5 days. 

If you're fatigued, grab this Energy Boosting 5-day Blueprint.

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It's NOT a course, It's a Blueprint


If you are looking for a 15-hour long course, or a 321-page book, or a workshop that is more about theory and less about work ... Then this is not for you …


The Energy Boosting 5-day Blueprint is your action plan to kick butt at work and be present in your personal life.


Why Most Professional Women Struggle with Fatigue

Do you know why?

Becuse of 3 reasons:

1) Role overload: Women are often expected to juggle multiple roles, such as caregiver, breadwinner, and holder of all information, which can be overwhelming.

2) Expectations: Women may feel pressure to be perfect in all aspects of their lives, leading to feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt.

3) Mental health stigma: Women weren't taught healthy ways to manage emotions but rather were often blamed for being too much for the emotions they experience.

So What's the Solution?

You don't need to spend 10+ years figuring out where these barriers originated.  You can use the Energy Boosting 5-Day Blueprint and reduce fatigue TODAY!

Amazingly Simple 5-day plan for exhausted female professionals.

I know, you're running on empty, with no energy left to spare for the things that matter most to you.

Why should you use some of that energy to learn new skills?

Because if we keep doing the same thing our energy reserve becomes completely depleted and we exerience burnout or worse.

Here is what's needed to get an ENERGY BOOST in a RECORD 5-DAYS

Grab Your Energy Boosting 5-Day Blueprint Today

What's inside?

Step-by-Step Blueprint

It's FREE for You

  • Original Custom Curriculum
  • 5-day action plan that provides a step-by-step guide to boosting energy levels.
  • The plan includes both immediate and long-term strategies for maximum impact.
  • Downloadable Resource for lifetime access

The Energy Boosting 5-Day Blueprint Is IDEAL For People …

  • Who’d rather work on their health than blame others for their failure
  • Who know they have to take massive action to get massive results
  • Who are ready to use the shortcuts to get results faster (but still know they have to take action!)


If you are an action taker, welcome. 

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You want to wake up in the morning feeling energized about the day ahead.

You want to get out of bed, eager to start your day.

You want to sip your coffee, feeling grateful...

… and I’m Here to Help You!


Hey, I’m Jen Jim,

and I’ve been in the field of mental health and wellness since 2004. 

I truly believe in one thing:  Prevention focused Mental Wellness Tools should be accessible to everyone!  

You are a talented, successful professional but you struggle with stress, fatigue and exhaustion.
And it’s doesn't have to be this way.

That’s Why I’m on a Mission 


My mission is to teach these tools to women so they can influence systemic change now and share with the next generation so we no longer have millions of people without the tools they need to be mentally healthy.

If you are one of them…

                                                   …then I’m here to help you.

Grab the Energy  Boosting Blueprint and get started TODAY!

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