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Your time and brain power are essential, make the most of it by using your breath to focus, calm, and energize your day.

A "Breath Break" is a fun, quirky breathwork exercise you can easily fit into your day.  It's minimum effort for a BIG impact.  Give breath work a try for 7 days for FREE!

I don't send SPAM. Content is not meant to replace medical advice, please seek assistance from your doctor or mental health therapist.

Imagine... end-of-work ritual that allows your mind to turn off.


...your wandering mind increasing your focus and concentration instead of worry.


...a situation that has sent you spiraling in the past now feels like nothing more than an annoyance. 


Five minutes or less of guided breathing can give you the ability to turn your mind off, increase focus, and stop emotional spirals.

Simple breathing exercises solve stress on the job and at home.  I have 7 free downloadable exercises ready for YOU. Sign up today and take your first breath break in a matter of minutes.  

Hi! I'm Jen, a Certified Breath Coach

As a busy professional, I found breathwork as the missing link in my mental wellness.  I now bring breath exercises to you in easy, accessible methods.  I'm far from the typical breath coach as you're more likely to find me in business casual clothes at my desk than flowy linen surrounded by pillows.   I bring you breathwork exercises that I know work - because I use them myself. 

Now, let's get BREATHING!

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There's no downside - research show that Breathwork improves physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.