Download Your Free Body-Mind Emotion Wheel


An emotion wheel is a visual representation of various emotions. It typically consists of a core set of primary emotions and expands outwards to include more nuanced and specific emotions.  

But what's DIFFERENT about this emotion wheel is that it connects to the PHYSICAL sensations so you can trace the connection between your body and mind. 


This tool is usually available inside my coaching programs, but it's so important that I want to share it with more of you. 

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Hi! I'm Jen,

As a mental health therapist for 15 years, I saw many people struggle with setting healthy boundaries and naming their emotions. This inspired me to take action and help others avoid the overwhelming effects of stress. Unfortunately, the mental health system is reactive rather than preventative, leaving many without the tools they need to manage their mental well-being.

I wanted to offer preventative care to women who were fatigued and running their homes and departments. But as a licensed therapist, I could only provide services for diagnosable mental health issues. Realizing the need for a new mental wellness system, I took action.

I created a prevention plan for professional women struggling with fatigue and was determined to make it a reality. Despite setbacks due to the pandemic and personal responsibilities, my passion to support women with preventative mental wellness tools remained strong.

Today, I run a thriving Mental Wellness & Breathwork Coaching practice that helps professional women ditch the soul-crushing fatigue and take back their sweet, sweet ENERGY so that they can love the life they've built.