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Every successful woman needs to know four keys to trusting herself fully. These keys are essential because there are many demands on you as a woman. For example, there is pressure to ensure you look put together and presentable no matter what is inside. This often results in a discrepancy between our inner selves and the version we show the world. Although this may seem small, this discrepancy creates a gap over time. This gap leads to feelings of inauthenticity, unfulfillment, and discontent.   When you trust yourself, you allow integration of inner and outer self, so you can step into your power and live authentically.


Living authentically means you have strength and peacefulness, leading to a fierce interaction with the world. You know what you need, and do not hesitate to go after it. You’ll experience success in a new way because you’ll feel it from the inside out. 


Let’s dive into these four keys of self-trust and an exercise to begin using them in your life. The keys are as follows, although not in sequential order.  

  1. Be Grounded
  2. Bust through the Blocks
  3. Find Balance
  4. Connect to your passion


Mindfulness is viral, and it may seem overused at this point. But there is a reason it has become a part of our everyday vernacular.   Mindfulness helps us achieve a sense of calm whenever and wherever we need it.    Another way to think about mindfulness is that it grounds us. It makes us aware of the here and now where we have our feet on the ground.   The benefits of mindfulness link to self-trust because if you know how to access a sense of calm when you need it, you’re more likely to take opportunities. When you’re not leaving options on the table, your life soars with possibilities. Mindfulness skills lead to a deeper level of self-trust that you can handle difficult situations. A mindset of trust is also a preventative measure, so you don’t experience overwhelm.   


What is the story you tell yourself about yourself?   Does the story inspire and ignite joy, or does it create a block between you and your dreams?   When we have made a story about ourselves, we often don’t question it because it’s our creation. But when you ask yourself if the story is true or has ever been, it helps you begin to understand yourself on a deeper level.   If the story isn’t true, then you may be using it as a shield to protect yourself. However, what begins as a shield for protection becomes a block and barrier.   Understanding how you use it to defend yourself is extremely helpful in busting through the blocks.


Balancing your energy output and input will give you a tremendous boost of self-trust. You have a maximum amount of responsibilities you can handle. Every time that power exceeds you erode trust in yourself. The inverse is true: you build trust whenever you honor your capacity. It helps you stay true to yourself and live a balanced life. 


The idea of knowing your soul’s purpose can feel like a tall order. But when you do some work to identify the values that inform your life and make intentional choices every day to live aligned with these values, your purpose becomes attainable.   Being able to name your values is the beginning of this process towards a mindset of self-trust. There are the main domains of love, work, play, and health. Each of these domains may have different values attached to them.   Values are unique and chosen and can help you intentionally challenge difficulties when understood. 


An example of building self-trust is to eliminate ‘SHOULD’ from your vocabulary.   Reflecting on past decisions and judging them with “I should’ve..” demonstrates distrust in yourself.   You’re judging your actions, but you also have the end of the story. When you decided last week, last year, or 20 years ago, you did not know what you know right now. You’re holding this younger version of yourself responsible for information you didn’t have at the time. It’s incredibly unfair and damaging.   If you’re having difficulty making decisions currently, look at how often you use “should’ve” to judge past decisions. It makes it difficult for your brain to make a decision now because it’s sure you’ll criticize it in the future.


When we eliminate something, we need to replace it. So your new mantra for building self-trust in your former self is “She did the best she could with the information she had at the time.”   If you now have more information and make a different decision, you can take this learned information to inform you.   Having compassion for the younger self doesn’t mean you can’t make new, more informed decisions next time. On the contrary, the more you can express this understanding of past decisions, the easier it’ll be to make decisions from now on because you are building and strengthening your self-trust. 


These practices can boost your self-trust, leading, so you never give up on yourself. You no longer act as your own worst critic but instead become your BFF.   Life is so much more joyful and filled with ease, with a level of trust no one can shake.   Self-trust is that thing you can’t always put your finger on, but when you see someone with it, you’re in awe. As a successful woman, you already have a base level of self-trust. Imagine how you will experience the world with a level of self-trust so deep it’s unshakable.   You will show up as unapologetically you!


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